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Dick Kulpa GOP Republican political cartoon flyer
Cover to Dick's campaign literature from 1984. This won the election!

IUDEXonline news/satire website designed, written and illustrated by Dick Kulpa, who raised lots of cain as both a political cartoonist and three-time elected official (the 3rd time as a Republican.) Anything can happen with this satire practitioner. Stay tuned to IUDEXonline!

Dick Kulpa is a former editor and publisher of 2 national magazines

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animation - Santa vanishes

No Butts about it -- Kim Jong-Un's not the first to get it in the end....

Fidel Castro droips his drawers in this moon cartoonNone other than Fidel Castro himself shows off his best side in a Kulpa cartoon drawn in 1996.

Kulpa Cartoon Published in Russia

preacher moons his congregation in this Dick Kulpa cartoon published in Russia.
This Dick Kulpa "tear" illustration of a preacher mooning his congregation appeared as part of that same news story in a Russian tabloid distributed in Moscow back in 1997.
"Since the Soviets never made it to the moon, I gave them one,
" says Dick.

Rush Limbaugh talking through his butt cartoon

Rush Limbaugh Doing What Rush Limbaugh Does Best

Dick Kulpa really hit "bottom" in his 2012 butt cartoon featuring the perfect candidate!

Saddam Hussein cartoon. . .Saddam Hussein appears in Kulpa's very first attempt at animation back in 1996! A tad on the chincy side, but ya gotta start somewhere!

Rush Limbaugh spanks Howard Stern animation Howard Stern gets a bare-bottomed spanking from Rush Limbaugh in this 1998 animation.

"The END"

gangbuster logo

Cartoon shows US going down the tubes - straight to China
The coming '2nd Great Depression'

Short Takes:

Iudex design for the new World Trade Center
REJECTED: Our design for the new World Trade Center

DickKulpa's very first political cartoon was published in 1969
BLAST FROM THE PAST: First-ever Kulpa political cartoon was published in a weekly newspaper Dec. 25, 1969, when Dick was 16. See updated version here — IUDEX (Pronounced "YOU-DEX") Latin for "Judge"

Political Cartoons, Animations & Satire by Dick Kulpa

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Charlie Hebdo Massacre:
Statement from Publisher/Satirist Dick Kuipa

CARTOON: North Korean 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-Un:
This'un's for YOU!

Kim Jong-un gets a spanking
(High res version available for publication)

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

After North Korea's Kim Jong-Un pulled off his latest temper tantrum by hacking Sony Pictures, a solution came to mind:
This "young-"Un" needed a good spanking!
Millions of people are either undernourished or starving in this so-called "Hermit Kingdom" yet millions of dollars are spent on a lavish military this megalomaniacal clown does not even need. China's got his back, remember?
Unfortunately, our economically intertwined and interdependent world tolerates this two-bit throwback to Adolf Hitler.
At any rate, I have posted my solution, a two-step animated cartoon. Time for a good spanking Kim!

-- Dick Kulpa, Publisher, IUDEXonline

Oddly enough, three out of four Americans think a different "Kim" needs a good spanking!

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One of IUDEXonline's most popular cartoons lampoons the "IMF Chairman and the Maid" 2011 debacle, no butts about it!
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Kulpa: 'How My 'Funniest Butt Cartoon Ever' Wound up in the Trash!'

Back around 1988 a police officer from "the big city" was caught golfing sans his pants, raising more than a few eyebrows. Later that week, a cop from our own suburban department accidently rear-ended a vehicle.
That's usually a case of "following too closely," case closed.
In THIS case, (and after a pretty thorough investigation mind you), a driver three cars away got the ticket.

That got the wheels turning, inspiring a cartoon for my local newspaper: "What's the difference between our cops and those big city officers? Our guys keep their rear-ends covered."
The messenger laughed his a-- off when he picked it up to deliver to the paper, but the cartoon would never see print. "You're all getting along now. You don't want to fire up another ruckus with those guys again, do you?" asked the editor, who quietly (and probably, wisely) disposed of it in the round file.

I took two a--pirin and called it a wash.
-- Dick Kulpa

Kulpa Cartoon Campaign Caused EPA to 'Cry Uncle' in 1978
EPA APE cartoon by Dick Kulpa
ULTIMATE SPANKING: THIS comic strip sparked the eventual capitulation of the EPA during its attempt to fine Kulpa's home town $18,000 over the removal of catalytic converters from its squad cars. Dick saw no sense in taxpayers footing that hefty bill, and his "EPA APE five-cartoon campaign" prompted congressmen and Senator Adlai Stevenson III to intervene on his city's behalf.
Ironically, this cartoon took issue with the local daily newspaper's "ivory tower" editorial position. The "taxpayer" shown is a loose rendition of an editorial writer.
The power of the targeted political cartoon is indeed alive and well.
(Click image for larger view).

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Kulpa Cartoons come in all sizes!
THIS one appeared on a billboard

political cartoon billboard by Dick Kulpa


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democrats and republicans are both to blameSTATEMENT: There is no "political agenda" at iudexonline. We are neither pro nor anti-Obama, Bush, Democrat or Republican. We stand for logic and sanity, two commodities in seemingly short supply these days.


From school newspapers to weeklies, from dailies to national tabloids - and from staff work to syndication, Dick Kulpa has worn all the hats. In fact, Kulpa is one of but a handful of journalists to appear in both the national tabloids and mainstream dailies simultaneously -- from Weekly World News to the New York Daily News, Orange County Register, Hong Kong Standard, and more! A career cartoonist, Kulpa's earliest days saw him functioning as staff editorial cartoonist for the Loves Park, Illinois Post while simultaneously holding elective office - and this went on for ten years!

During his unusual career, Kulpa's comic strip work has been syndicated by the LA Times Syndicate and Tribune Media Services, Inc. His illustrations were syndicated internationally.

Needless to say, Kulpa has acquired a unique, non-partison perspective.


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