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Dick Kulpa GOP Republican political cartoon flyer
Cover to Dick's campaign literature from 1984. This won the election!

IUDEXonline news/satire website designed, written and illustrated by Dick Kulpa, who raised lots of cain as both a political cartoonist and three-time elected official (the 3rd time as a Republican.) Anything can happen with this satire practitioner. Stay tuned to IUDEXonline!

Dick Kulpa is a former editor and publisher of 2 national magazines

Mighty Mouth Trump

Ted Cruz caricature for video game app Bruz Cruz Video Game App for iPhone and iPad

Rush Limbaugh talking through his butt cartoon

Rush Limbaugh Doing What Rush Limbaugh Does Best

gangbuster logo

Cartoon shows US going down the tubes - straight to China
The coming '2nd Great Depression'

Short Takes:

Iudex design for the new World Trade Center
REJECTED: Our design for the new World Trade Center

DickKulpa's very first political cartoon was published in 1969
BLAST FROM THE PAST: First-ever Kulpa political cartoon was published in a weekly newspaper Dec. 25, 1969, when Dick was 16. See updated version here



But FIRST, a Chicago Cubs Cartoon Comment
Chicago Cubs Clobber Indians cartoon


2016 Election: Great Cartoon Theater

The 2016 Presidential Debates are more entertaining than WWE wrestling least they're not scripted (we think.)
just what do they mean by "uneducated voters?"


Trump as Dennis the Menace?


Mighty Mouth Trump VS Blunder Woman


Admit it - Trump more honest than Hillary
Admit it -- everyone knows where he's at...


Lincoln spinning in grave over Hillary


Walter Cronkite on Trump and Hillary


Things wouldn't be so nasty, if . . .

Hillary in the kitchen


Hirray and Tim Kaine as Beavis and Butthead

Drew the next two cartoons at a bar.

Trump is his own worst enemy


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Thump Trump iphone app game



Donald Trump Grapefruit video-iphone-game-app

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(Note: Due to recent revelations we have downsized various aspects of this Trump caricature.)


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From school newspapers to weeklies, from dailies to national tabloids - and from staff work to syndication, Dick Kulpa has worn all the hats. In fact, Kulpa is one of but a handful of journalists to appear in both the national tabloids and mainstream dailies simultaneously -- from Weekly World News to the New York Daily News, Orange County Register, Hong Kong Standard, and more! A career cartoonist, Kulpa's earliest days saw him functioning as staff editorial cartoonist for the Loves Park, Illinois Post while simultaneously holding elective office - and this went on for ten years!

During his unusual career, Kulpa's comic strip work has been syndicated by the LA Times Syndicate and Tribune Media Services, Inc., and at one point appeared in the Moscow, Russia licensed variant of Weekly World News, (among others.)

Needless to say, Kulpa has acquired a unique, non-partison perspective.

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