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IUDEXonline news/satire website designed, written and illustrated by Dick Kulpa, who raised lots of cain as both a political cartoonist and three-time elected official (the 3rd time as a Republican.) Anything can happen with this satire practitioner. Stay tuned to IUDEXonline!

Dick Kulpa is a former editor and publisher of 2 national magazines

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DickKulpa's very first political cartoon was published in 1969
BLAST FROM THE PAST: First-ever Kulpa political cartoon was published in a weekly newspaper Dec. 25, 1969, when Dick was 16. See updated version here — IUDEX (Pronounced "YOU-DEX") Latin for "Judge"


Donald Trump Quitting Race? Say It Isn't So!

Rumors are circulating that Republicaan Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump is weighing his options and furure as the Republican standard bearer.

No surprise there. A pariah within his own party, Trump virtually stands alone against the "forces of evil" infecting America from both sides of the aisle, generating one major "Execedrin headache" for this would-be champion for common sense.

But let's put a few things into perspective: Regardless as to the growing list of defecting GOPers, the Republican Party is in itself in death throes, dating back long before Trump dominated the scene. Stubborn opposition to virtually any progress sought by President Obama paralyzed this country through Congressional gridlock. The radicalized GOP, so crippled by its own myopia, could only offer up an extrenmist nutcase - Ted Cruz -- as its favored candidate. Conversely, Mr. Trump rose up via popular support. Why? The vast majority of the ever-sinking middle class Americans are disenchanted with self-serving, pocket-stuffing politicians and want an "America-First" strongman to take real charge. Unfortunately for Trump, his continuing "foot-in-mouth" affliction is keeping his broad base of support shivering underground. In short: Millions "want to" prefer Donald, but are afraid to, let alone admit it, (as per our grassroots survey.)

So-called intellectuals, unable or unwilling to propose any solution to a national debt growing at exponential proportions, would rather maintain the status quo. "Political correctness" continues to blind us to practical solution, and the truth is, America needs a "frame-off" restoration, not bandaids, The only country in the world to have successfully reinvented itself is China, and THAT'S because they shot all the "intellectuals," according to one major encyclopedia's insert.

The election remains Trump's to win, but Donald's running against himself -- and losing badly. Yes, he fell for a shrewd DNC "Gold Star Mom" ploy, taking the bait hook, line and "stinker," but this "rough period" in no way equates to JFK's excrutiating ordeal during the Cuban Missile Crisis, or "911", crises we expect our leadership to deal with. So Mr. Trump, if things aren't working the way they should, fire your advisors. Or...listen to them. And remember, you are looking to lead the whole country, not just one group. No need to play to extremists.

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You're in the ring, squaring off against The Donald himself — now's your chance to knock him out of the race! Watch his face contort with every punch! Click on the pic to get this apt app!
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Kulpa Tells Trump: I'll Help Advise Your Campaign

Having never lost a serious election (3 times a winner), I am willing to assist you in yours — as an advisor. Just do what I tell you to do:

• Earn Trust
• Connect with the "little guy" (there are lots of them!)
• Earn trust
• Don't make promises you don't intend to keep
• Knock off rhe outsourcing
• Think before you speak
•Emulate Lincoln, not Reagan. Unify America

• Earn TRUST

Failure to follow these EZ instructions will cost you the election — because many millions more will go to the polls JUST to vote against YOU. This puts you up not only against the other candidate, but also against yourself.

--Dick Kulpa

#donaldtrump #trump #donaldtrump2016


Donald Trump Grapefruit video-iphone-game-app

Make America 'Grape'fruit Again — Download the Trump Game App!

Playing this Iphone game app's a win-win for Democrats and Republicans alike — you can work to save the Trumpster from killer grapefruits being hurled at him, can run Trump right into the line of fire!

Just click on the image and it will take you to the IPhone/IPad game link.

(Note: Due to recent revelations we have downsized various aspects of this Trump caricature.)


Time to Turn Back the Clock — The
National Debt Clock, That Is!

After years of economic frustration and our leaders' impotent responses to all that, Americans by the millions now say they are fed up — and that things must change.

time for a change cartoon Out with the old, in with the new! Throw ALL the bums out this election!

What kind of change is needed? Consider this:

• The "national debt" began its current upward surge during the Reagan years. In 1980 it was under $1 trillion.
• By 1988 it was at $2.6 trillion.
• By 1992 it rose to $4.18 trillion, but for the next 8 years rose by a mere $720 billion. (Don't credit Bill Clinton too that point there was no more Soviet Union, and no $$$ wars.)
• The national debt doubled under the GWBush administration from $5 trillion in 2000 to $10 trillion in 2008. (Numbers rounded off.)
• From 2008-2016 it doubled again...up to $19+ trillion.
• It took 224 years to reach $5 Trillion.
• A whopping $15 trillion was added in just the past 16 years.
• What is this "national debt?" It's the accumulation of yearly budget deficits.
• Historically, this debt was incurred to finance wars and stimulate the economy.
• These days, it's just to make ends meet. (Robbing Peter to pay Paul.)
• Net results (without going into too much detail): we pay more and more for everything. House prices drop, and the country faces default, (a bad thing.)

If our next president is any good, that person WILL become the most hated in America for what he/she will have to do.
Either we change things now, or change WILL be made for us.


Fifth Political Cartoon Billboard Drawn by Iudexonline's Dick Kulpa
Kulpa political cartoon billboard
MEMPHIS, TN -- Measuring 48 feet wide, five political cartoon billboards appeared over Memphis this past June. The gigantic displays also served as a homecoming of sorts for cartoonist Dick Kulpa, who lived in this great city from 1965-67 and began his cartooning career at Sherwood Jr. High School.

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From school newspapers to weeklies, from dailies to national tabloids - and from staff work to syndication, Dick Kulpa has worn all the hats. In fact, Kulpa is one of but a handful of journalists to appear in both the national tabloids and mainstream dailies simultaneously -- from Weekly World News to the New York Daily News, Orange County Register, Hong Kong Standard, and more! A career cartoonist, Kulpa's earliest days saw him functioning as staff editorial cartoonist for the Loves Park, Illinois Post while simultaneously holding elective office - and this went on for ten years!

During his unusual career, Kulpa's comic strip work has been syndicated by the LA Times Syndicate and Tribune Media Services, Inc., and at one point appeared in the Moscow, Russia licensed variant of Weekly World News, (among others.)

Needless to say, Kulpa has acquired a unique, non-partison perspective.

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