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Dick Kulpa GOP Republican political cartoon flyer
Cover to Dick's campaign literature from 1984. This won the election!

IUDEXonline news/satire website designed, written and illustrated by Dick Kulpa, who raised lots of cain as both a political cartoonist and three-time elected official (the 3rd time as a Republican.) Anything can happen with this satire practitioner. Stay tuned to IUDEXonline!

Dick Kulpa is a former editor and publisher of 2 national magazines

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COMMENTARY: 'My Hope is for Obama to become America's Greatest President.'

If I ever met the President face-to-face, I'd leave (some) of my cartoons home, only bringing the positive drawings. Likewise, I suspect a vast majority of critics would be lots nicer during any face-to-face conversation they'd have with President Barack Obama.

It's so easy to throw stones from behind a computer screen, and the vast majority of "memes" and stories appearing on social media are either phony, misleading, and commonly counter-productive. These days it must be fun to "hate."

Watching Republicans chronically "spite" the guy may be amusing to some, but what's really happening here? The country is going down the tubes.

On the other hand, I voted for "change," not pocket change.

Whatever the President's legacy invariably becomes, I pray he goes down as one of America's greatest leaders. America is in dire need of a real super hero, and all that comes with it — for all.

— Dick Kulpa

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Short Takes:

Iudex design for the new World Trade Center
REJECTED: Our design for the new World Trade Center

DickKulpa's very first political cartoon was published in 1969
BLAST FROM THE PAST: First-ever Kulpa political cartoon was published in a weekly newspaper Dec. 25, 1969, when Dick was 16. See updated version here

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One of IUDEXonline's Vigil Antsrich fatcat attacked by ants cartoon

Sign of the Times?
sign warns against brokers jumping out of buildings
Public safety activists are suggesting new signs along Wall Street as shenanigans continue to chip away at the country's financial foundation. "When regular folks finally figure out what's happening -- we're gonna need em," says one. — IUDEX (Pronounced "YOU-DEX") Latin for "Judge"
Featuring News Satire and Apolitical Cartoons By CRACKED Magazine Publisher Dick Kulpa

Just when we thought it was safe to trust the Russians....
Vladimir Putin twerking President Obama by invading the Ukraine

Now that Vladimir's twerking us in the Ukraine, what's the Prez gonna do about it?

Putin Leads the Way as Russia Invades Ukraine!

Leading the charge in a stolen U.S. Army HMMWV, a bare-chested Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to keep the western-leaning Ukraine chained to his Eastern camp as hordes of Russian cossacks poured into the hapless country!

The Hummer was one of four driven out of the former Soviet Georgia by audacious Russian soldiers during the 2008 five day Russian-Georgia War. After getting a flame-red paint job, the mean machine was delivered to the past, present and future President Putin as a birthday gift.

Called "Bad Vlad" by some, Putin apparently prefers to be remembered as the "Russian Rambo," and the Ukraine's recent upheaval gave him the perfect excuse to play that part — to the hilt.

Polls show a vast majority of Americans have little knowledge of either of these Russian adventures, and even less interest in taking on another war. Oddly enough, 3 out of 5 respondents say they WOULD take up arms against the former commies if Putin ever tried to march on Atlanta again.


Feature Column: LEFT JAB - RIGHT HOOK: Uncle Chuckie Says "Send Women Back Into the Kitchen!" IUDEX says "Legalize polygamy and put that second wife to work!"

mr. bean cartoon caricature
We're turning into a nation of Mr. Beans!
We've Become a Country of . . .

We Americans just ain't what we used to be!
To wit:
• We CAN'T afford houses.
• We CAN'T afford healthcare.
• We CAN'T afford not to have healthcare.
• We CAN'T get jobs.
• We CAN'T spell.
• We CAN'T get enough home security.
• We CAN'T post signs on businesses without reams of approvals.
• We CAN'T get Congress to work.
• We CAN'T find effective leadership.
• We CAN'T launch astronauts into space.
• We CAN'T seem to come together as a nation.

These are all things we used to be able to say "we CAN do."
Send us more "we can'ts."


Wordpress: History Of Dick Kulpa's Political Art all the way back to his high school newspaper days in 1969-1971
Part 1: Birth of a Political Cartoonist
Part 2: Dick Kulpa Runs for Mayor
Part 3: Ald. Kulpa VS the Cops
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Kulpa Cartoons come in all sizes!
THIS one appeared on a billboard

political cartoon billboard by Dick Kulpa


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democrats and republicans are both to blameSTATEMENT: There is no "political agenda" at iudexonline. We are neither pro nor anti-Obama, Bush, Democrat or Republican. We stand for logic and sanity, two commodities in seemingly short supply these days.


From school newspapers to weeklies, from dailies to national tabloids - and from staff work to syndication, Dick Kulpa has worn all the hats. In fact, Kulpa is one of but a handful of journalists to appear in both the national tabloids and mainstream dailies simultaneously -- from Weekly World News to the New York Daily News, Orange County Register, Hong Kong Standard, and more! A career cartoonist, Kulpa's earliest days saw him functioning as staff editorial cartoonist for the Loves Park, Illinois Post while simultaneously holding elective office - and this went on for ten years!

During his unusual career, Kulpa's comic strip work has been syndicated by the LA Times Syndicate and Tribune Media Services, Inc., and at one point appeared in the Moscow, Russia licensed variant of Weekly World News, (among others.)

Needless to say, Kulpa has acquired a unique, non-partison perspective.

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